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Santa Monica is an active city. We're the popular kid on the block. And, yes, we have issues. Here are my views on some that affect all of us. Check back often as I'll add more of my thoughts as time advances and the issues in Santa Monica evolve.

They Owe Us An Apology

The Santa Monica City Council owes you an apology!

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Public Safety is Job One!

I believe our communal public safety is the most fundamental role of our city's public officials. In Santa Monica's case, our City Council Members have failed, miserably. It's time for a change.  Read More

Let's Fight This Battle Together!

This is my contract with each of you as I seek to become your Santa Monica City Council Person. Take a few minutes, read my pledge, and then volunteer, contribute, display a lawn sign, and above all VOTE! Read More


Your city council keeps repeating the same failed policies, and keeps failing over and over. We must reduce homelessness in our city with fresh ideas and new tactics! Here are a few ideas.


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The Great Santa Monica Loot-Out! A Day of Infamy!

I witnessed the looting of our city, the peaceful demonstrations, and felt the anger and sadness that we all experienced on May 31, 2020. Here are excerpts from my op-Eds in the Santa Monica Mirror over the subsequent weeks.  Read More

Over Development is the issue!

Preserving Our Beach Community!

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COVID-19 Economic Recovery

Our city has been dealt a seismic shock by the sudden downturn in our local economy because of the pandemic. We have the opportunity to bring our economy forward in a new Santa Monica that values each and every resident.


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Finance - Let's Have Some Self-Control as We Rebirth!

Santa Monica does not have a revenue problem.  It has a cost control problem.  And those inflated costs are still not solving our problems!  Read More

Rent Control

Rent Control is a lifesaver!

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A Development Philosophy

Authentic, Organic & Smart!

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The Department Of Common Sense

I've spent a lot of time discussing how a "Department Of Common Sense" is needed in our City Hall. This position paper on The Department of Common Sense is from Santa Monica's SMart Group, of which I'm a member!

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The Bergamot Station Arts Center

For Bergamot: Art & Commerce or just Commerce?

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Metro's Expo Line

The Train is here! And, with it have come challenges that still have not been addressed.

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Santa Monica Bay

A Clean Ocean!

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Support Our Schools!

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Accessible To All

A Commitment to Universally Accessible Design!

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As a city, we must work hard to be sustainable - for our children, grandchildren, and their children.


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Protect our neighborhoods!

We must protect our residential neighborhoods from outsized development that does not fit into the fabric of the neighborhood. From mega-mansions, to workers from neighboring commercial streets scrambling to find parking and, of course, the auto-trailers on mid-city residential streets, enough is enough!


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Preserve Existing Housing. Protect Our Diversity!

It is time we say enough is enough to nameless, faceless buildings that replace reasonably priced housing and force our seniors and longstanding diverse population to flee our town.


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Expose the Richness of Santa Monica's History!

Santa Monica has a rich and layered history, beginning thousands of years ago, that is worth telling. Let's expose our city's history. Beach culture began here, the film industry is omnipresent, and scores of talented people have lived here.  Read More

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic!

Are our efforts to force a reduction in traffic misguided? Why haven't we improved congestion downtown, on Lincoln Blvd, or on 23rd Street south of Pico Blvd? Read More

Volunteer City Commissions and Boards

Our residents volunteer on Commissions and Boards to help guide our city. They listen to you. Let's listen to them! Read More

Every Child Should Be Able to Swim!

The world's largest ocean is our front door. Yet not everyone can swim. That's a shame and it's dangerous. I believe every child in Santa Monica must learn to swim. Swim lessons should be free for each and every child.
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Our Parks Are Our Lungs!

Santa Monica suffers from a green space deficit. We are an incredibly dense city and our parks are vital to our residents! Read More

The Senior Community

Our Seniors are a vibrant part of Santa Monica. Let's treat them with dignity, respect, and care. Read More

The Internet and Broadband

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, every resident must have free internet access and a municipal broadband utility should be formed. Read More

Our businesses must thrive!

My objective is to bring balance and scale back to Santa Monica’s business community and, by extension, our resident community.  Creating a robust and diverse commercial environment scaled to the city diversifies revenue risk and creates the heightened sense of belonging and identity that are essential elements to a vibrant and healthy city for new arrivals, families and long-term residents.
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