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Rent Control

Rent Control was and is a lifesaver for so many Santa Monica residents. I was a renter in Santa Monica for many years and needed the security of measured rent increases in order to stay in the town of my birth. I am a proud member of Santa Monica For Renters Rights.  Rent Control is codified in Santa Monica. It is only threatened by the proliferation of bigger, new apartment buildings with no soul and rents that threaten our citizens with price inflation beyond any reasonable level. Our biggest struggle now is not to preserve rent control but to have enough units that our longtime citizens who are not wealthy can afford. We must increase the amount that landlords have to pay tenants in order to "Ellis Act" their buildings. We can also add more conservation overlay zoning in order to preserve more of our garden style apartments. It's important in Santa Monica that we preserve our economic & social diversity. Rent Control helps achieve that.

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