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Santa Monica Bay

I grew up in Santa Monica. I spent so many years body surfing at Sorrento, hanging out at Roadside and relaxing at Station 26. I still walk our beach almost every morning. The Pacific Ocean is part of the fiber of my being; the sand, the water, bike riding and volleyball at Station 6 are who I am. My grandfather fished from the Pier and my father was a rough water swimmer as well as the President of the Penguin Club in Venice. I'm proud of our ban on smoking on the beach and that our water is cleaner than it was a decade ago.

I can remember a time when our pelicans were dying, our fish became uneatable and our dolphins started to disappear. That should never happen again. Santa Monica must always do its part to keep our bay clean, our sand and water pure...after all, it's our front yard. We must be good stewards of our environment.

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