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Sustainability is paramount for the survival of our city. We have an obligation to maintain a constant supply of clean, safe water.  We also need to insure that our aquifers that pool beneath Santa Monica can sustain our resident and visitor population for centuries to come. Since we all know that our environment is prone to sustained drought, we must be good stewards of the precious liquid beneath us. Responsible planning is the key. We cannot not build more in Santa Monica than is readily sustainable in any "dry" period. We must not reply on water from other regions to make up for our being short-sighted. The key to Sustainability is simple: Don't take more than you have. 

Sustainability means reducing our carbon footprint. 

Sustainability means being responsible stewards of our beach, water, and sand. It means preparing in advance for the possibility of sea rise. 

Sustainability means increasing our city's tree canopy. Trees keep us cool, insulate our houses against excessive heat, and reduce our air conditioning bills. Above all, trees make our city a pleasant place to walk, bicycle, and commute.

Sustainability means establishing our own electrical micro grid in downtown Santa Monica. The increased electrical needs in that district should not be a reason that other parts of our city must go dark.

Sustainability means that our infrastructure is always up to date and we never approve any new developments unless our sewers, water, power and roads are in tip-top shape first, and can handle the additional structures.

Sustainability means that we will ensure enough open space and parks for our present population and for that of future generations. We know green space is important, and during this pandemic, wide open spaces are more important than high rises to the future of Santa Monica.

I want Santa Monica to be a Green City that is sustainable, values nature, eases pollution and lives within its means. There cannot be public conflict over the health, wellbeing or outdoor activity levels of our residents.






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