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Volunteer City Commissions and Boards

Residents gladly give up their time to help guide specific areas of our city's policies and plans as volunteer Commissioners and Board Members. They should be applauded for participating so readily in the democratic process and for helping to take ownership as a valuable stakeholder in Santa Monica. Now, under the guise of COVID-19, the city administrative staff wants to dissolve some of the Boards and Commissions and remove advisory and regulatory power from others. As a city, we should be thrilled that so many of our residents want to participate.

However, some of the Commissioners and Board Members sometimes disagree with city staff and city council members. I'm one of them. I've been a volunteer commissioner for 18 years in Santa Monica. All Commissioners and Board Members perform a valuable service to the people of this city. In reviewing the list of our commissions I do not see any that need to be dissolved. If anything, their powers should be strengthened. We love residents who get involved in a positive way to help their city. Let's stop the city staff from trying to stifle dissent!

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