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Spurious Charges Against Santa Monica City Council Candidate Phil Brock

Here is my statement on this bogus charge. This is the third "hit" piece against me in eight days. Obviously the opposition is worried and unable to discuss policies that will help the residents of Santa Monica. Instead, they go after me, my significant other, and my mother. Disgraceful!

Once again, Joel Koury has filed a baseless complaint against me. Mr. Koury falsely alleges that I have failed to properly register my business with the City and that I am illegally utilizing a rent-controlled apartment. There is no basis for these complaints.

My 92-year-old mother owns the apartment building on 12th Street. She inherited this building from her mother, my grandmother. My mother has lived at this location for almost 75 years. I am at my apartment at the building daily – in part to care for my mother and in part to attend to my business which I conduct there. I pay rent to my mother for the apartment and have always done so.

My business, Studio Talent Group, has been licensed (#089332) by the City of Santa Monica as operating at this location for more than 20 years. I began using an apartment in my family’s building when the apartment was vacant, so no tenant was displaced when I occupied the apartment for my own use. My business operates largely as a home office, consistent with laws governing such use in residential areas.

Mr. Koury also appears suspicious of the number of Phil Brock for Council signs at this location. Mr. Koury will have to take this issue up with my mother, who has them posted in her window.

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