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Let's Fight This Battle Together!

Each of you has the opportunity to cast your ballot for national, state, and local offices on November 3. We know that the federal election is paramount on everyone's minds these days. I urge you not to neglect the Santa Monica City Council election on the same ballot.I am in the pole position, #1 on your ballot. I will be #1 for the residents of Santa Monica.

You have the opportunity and responsibility to create a City Council that listens to our residents and respects our neighborhoods. We have a choice. We can continue with overdevelopment, a public safety crisis, homelessness unchecked, a perpetually out-of-control city budget, traffic jams, and an over-paid city staff, OR we can fix it.The incumbents have failed. It's time to retire them!

In effect, we can watch our beachside city continue to deteriorate, or we can declare that we will change direction now. I believe we have all had enough, that it is time for a change. I will fight FOR you and our city every day

I will etch a contract in stone with each of you.The minute I swear my oath as your newest City Councilperson, I will immediately undertake the following steps on your behalf.

I will have zero tolerance for crime, whether large or small.

I will endeavor tor educe our homeless population by 50% in Year One.

I will move to fire those responsible for the neglect that led to the looting on May 31.

I will move tor educe city staff administrative salaries by 10% immediately and reorient our staff salaries to be commensurate with comparable California cities.

I will move to establish a resident audit committee with teeth.

I will move to have a restructuring committee thoroughly examine our city's functions and realign them with our residents' needs.

I will move to establish firm height limits on boulevards and streets.

I will vote NO on any developments that threaten our residents' wellness.

I will move to respect our natural environment and no longer deplete our resources for unnecessary development.

I will seek tor educe the municipal taxes and fees you pay.

I will protect rent control and the integrity of our neighborhoods.

I will endeavor to establish increased green space that is safe for our children, teens, and seniors. We will add trees as well!

We have a choice. VOTE for new council members aligned with residents, not outside developers. The incumbents have failed. It's time to retire them!

Respect our neighborhoods ~ Protect your pocketbooks.

I am fighting against an entrenched establishment that wants to retain their power and their control. We know that their vision is flawed. I need your help, support, and counsel to oust the incumbents!

Please display a lawn or window sign at your home or business.

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Phil Brock For City Council  
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