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They Owe Us An Apology

Those in our city council and city administrative leadership" positions deserve our scorn and owe the residents of Santa Monica an apology. They step on residents and business owners without any conscience and charge exorbitant taxes and fees. THEY owe US an apology.

Breaking the laws of environmental policy, and the laws of biology and physics to please a few vested special interests for development that is out of scale with a beachside city ...You owe us an apology.

Not valuing our water supply and shoring up our infrastructure before planning for current and future development...You owe us an apology.

Valuing pensions and benefits over services rendered...You owe us an apology.

For balancing the depleted city budget on the backs of children, teens and seniors...You owe us an apology.

Not anticipating the George Floyd slaying-related protests elsewhere would lead to additional throngs who wanted to loot and pillage our city. It was the single worst day in our city’s history and not one apology from any member of our City Council or Police Chief. Remember May 31st. Always. I will. We are all awaiting the apology we deserve.

For not enforcing mandated mask requirements You owe our residents an apology. 

Our city has painted nice murals but not enforced the rules and regulations that would lead to a reopening of our businesses...You owe us an apology.

A lack of transparency in government, disregard for our residents needs, and ignoring the wishes of our neighborhood associations...You owe us an apology.

A lack of will to make our Parks safe and secure....You owe us an apology.

For building edifices (city hall annex) to your incompetency and squandering our tax dollars...You owe us an apology.

For taxing our residents and visitors beyond the pale, and adding unreasonable fees to our everyday lives...You owe us an apology.

For degrading our quality of life each and every year, You owe us an apology.

The list goes on and on and will be ignored by the incumbent council members seeking re-election. After all, if we don't like it, why don't WE run for office, right? That’s why I am running.

Credibility isn't granted. It's earned. 

Has Santa Monica government earned any credibility in 2020

Because fair is fair

Had Enough?

It is time for a

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