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The Internet and Broadband

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging, every resident must have free access to the internet. Our basic internet system connects to our parks, municipal buildings, and on some streets. Expansion to every household should be in the cards. 

The establishment of s Santa Monica municipal broadband utility should be instituted so that residents will have the availability of monthly high-speed broadband access at a reasonable price. Santa Monica already possesses a fine Municipal Fiber Broadband, where the speed and bandwidth are unparalleled by other systems. Expand it so that it will be available to all households. Municipal Broadband is a city-wide utility that best practices show is available in many cities throughout our nation. Typically, opposition comes from existing broadband companies that charge much higher prices to consumers than a regulated municipal utility.

The installation will cost money, but a reasonable bond issue will be sold to generate the needed revenue to finish the system we already have in place. Municipal Broadband typically lowers user costs, even when user fees pay off the bonds. It's a much better deal for residents than the stupid expensive Administrative Services Bldg or the ridiculously stupid bus stools! 

Studies have shown that installed fiber broadband increases property values by 2-3% in an average city. Municipal Broadband results in upgrades for learning for all youth, especially for the upcoming generation of youth who will work in a digital, ai, and "real-time" and "VR' world, are thus an investment in the future of our city. 

The system I am proposing leverages the existing City Net dark fiber in Santa Monica and provides 21st Century answers to the needs of our residents and businesses.    

An additional note. There is a current bill before the California Legislature. We should support SB1130:  It supports best practices in community broadband


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