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Residocracy is the new hammer in town. It took a while for residents collectively to say “enough is enough”. But when 13,510 spoke in March 2014 through the power of Armen Melkonians Residocracy petition it was a game changer.

Residocracy should not have to exist. Residents should be heard by the City Council they elect and the city staff that are paid by us to represent our best interests.

It’s obvious that isn’t happening. Development projects are being proposed with City staff blessing that do not represent the interests of our residents. That has to change and we now have a mechanism to stop projects that are not suitable for our city. The power of our citizens to overturn an erroneous decision by our City Council via the Petition process is incredibly important to the democratic process.

I thank Armen and an army of volunteers from every neighborhood in our town for rallying, for carrying petitions and for their earnest support of the values of our residents.

The proposed Hines development (Bergamot Village Plan) was too large, too dense and would have brought over 7000 daily car trips to intersections that were already impacted and beyond capacity. The battle isn’t over. We have overturned the City Council’s decision but not buried this project yet. We may see it on the November ballot.

My view is clear and succinct. I carried petitions for my neighbors and to protect our neighborhoods. I’ll carry them again if need be.  

We must stand up together and take our beloved city back from the hands of outside developersand city staff whose only skin in the game is their large salaries and potential pensions.

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