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Metro's Expo Line

I wrote this in 2016. The words I wrote four years ago are still accurate today...

Connectivity to major points in LA County is the positive change that Expo will bring. Over time, traffic will be reduced on our streets. But, in our immediate future, the Expo line will bring pain.

We have not planned for parking. We have not planned for great connectivity to our north/south neighborhoods from the Expo Line. We have placed the light rail line on Colorado instead of above the center median of Olympic Blvd. We're adding to our traffic nightmare, creating more car pollution as cars circle endlessly to find a spot to park close to the stations and decreasing the odds that our residents will use the train.

In addition, the pressure to redevelop along the train line is immense. This may decrease our affordable housing stock. We can add a park & ride parking structure in the City Yards to allow residents to use the train for their daily commute. We must establish a DASH type system to provide our residents access to the train.  

Finally, we have not planned for the increased crime that the train will bring. The EXPO Line needs an SMPD officer at each stop in Santa Monica. We cannot rely on the LASD to patrol our stations and the surrounding areas properly. We will have an increase in our crime statistics from the increased crowds that the train brings to our town.

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