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Measure FS

Is Measure FS fair to all residents?

No. First, I question why the Rent Control Board needs a further increase in fees. Measure FS asks that the rent control registration fee be raised to a maximum of $288 per controlled rental unit.

By contrast, the City Of Los Angeles charges a rent control stabilization fee & a systematic code enforcement fee which total $67.83 per unit annually. The rent stabilization fee in Los Angeles is $24.51 annually with 50% of the fee passed on to a tenant. This measure is unfair to Santa Monica tenants who pay up to $12 per month in fees in our town.

This Measure also declares that only 50% of the yearly fee can be passed on to a tenant. Many of our landlords are true “Mom & Pop” small business owners who have not been able to adequately make money off their investment in years. To burden a landlord with an additional fee when their return on investment is so low is unfair. 

This increase also lowers the amount of money a landlord has to reinvest in apartment unit upgrades. I want to see tenants protected by our laws. Landlords also must treat their tenants fairly and justly. 

However I question why our fees per unit are over $250 higher per unit each year than the neighboring city of Los Angeles. I oppose measure FS and would like an audit of this city department before any fee increases are granted. 

Please Vote NO on Measure FS!

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