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Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana is legal in our state and dispensaries are located just east and south of our city borders. Some say that's's okay not to sell it here. The city's planning staff have recommended that two retail shops (dispensaries) be allowed in Santa Monica. I support their recommendation with some caveats. The two locations cannot be near Churches, Parks or Schools.

They should not be the dark, forbidding shops that we see driving through Los Angeles. They need to be bright, open to the light of the city, take credit cards so that the amount of cash intake will be reduced and they should emphasize edible prescriptive doses.  As Santa Monica is primarily a no smoking city the emphasis on edible will reduce the amount of smoking in our neighborhoods.

We are an enlightened city. Let's work this issue out with compassion for those citizens who truly benefit by having their suffering reduced by the use of marijuana. At the same time, let's make sure the owners comply with the strongest possible standards and enforcement. 

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